Employee Benefits

Prior to the formation of My Protection Connection, we focused strictly on employee benefits. The company is called Our Benefit Solution and is still providing benefits to 100’s of employees is Southwest Ohio. We hold true to our roots and work with employers every day, protecting what matters the most, their employees.

When business owners think about employee benefits, group health is always at the top of the list of perks at work. There are lots of options from the most expensive group health plans to a plan that actually pay the employer & employee to enroll in them. When you’re seeking a solution for employee benefits in Southwest Ohio, look no further than My Protection Connection.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans are the backbone of most employee benefits plans. The new association plans provide self funded health insurance pricing at fully funded group health insurance benefit levels.

If a group has a tougher claims history, Affordable Care Act group health plans can provide some relief with regard to pricing with community ratings while still offering guaranteed issue with no preexisting condition exclusions.


One way an employer can help with healthcare costs, even if they cannot afford group health insurance, is to provide a plan that allows for employees to save for their medical expenses with pretax dollars. This saves both the employer and employee tax dollars.

(HSA)Health Savings Accounts are very popular but require the underlying HSA eligible group health insurance plan. (HRA)Health Reimbursement Arrangements, (FSA)Flexible Spending Accounts & (QSHRA)Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements all provide tax-free dollars for medical expenses but each has their own requirements and maximum amounts.

Other Perks At Work

There are lots of other options for employee benefits. Most can be done with little or no employer monies. The employer can benefit from offering these benefits as well as find some tax savings. The employees can also save on tax dollars while providing important coverage for themselves and their families. Pretax benefits like Identity Theft Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K plans and wellness plans are all great ways to start your employee benefits plans.

Our Carriers

Just like individual benefits, we only work with the best insurance and benefits companies available. Some of those top names like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United HealthCare, Medical Mutual, AFLAC, Delta Vision, VSP Vision, EyeMed Vision, Principal, Transamerica, Hartford, Met Life, Nationwide, Allstate and many others.


At eh end of the day, businesses used to get employee benefits to recruit, hire and retain the best talent. That need has not changed, just some legislation.

Employers don’t need a rule to tell them how to provide for their employees welfare. We find that employers who engage us really care about the quality of the benefits they offer their most important asset, their employees.