Business Insurance

It’s hard to nail down a business owners risk but we are experts at doing just that. We fin the right coverage at the right price for our business owners in Southwest Ohio.

Liability Insurance

The biggest risk to a business owner is Liability. Just opening the doors, you’re inheriting great deal of responsibility. It used to be “Buyer Beware,” but no more. Without enough liability insurance, you’re stand more to lose than just your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you’re have vehicles in your business? They add another layer of liability. Commercial Auto Insurance contains additional Liability Insurance on your vehicles, driver and contents. It also provides an extra layer of protection for you’re employees, your vehicle and your cargo.

BOP- Business Owner’s Policies

BOPs are a package type of commercial insurance. They provide Small Business Insurancethat’s able to be customized for your particular business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Some professionals are at risk for liability claims as a part of their job. Even with the best intentions, stuff happens that people bring lawsuits against. Examples would be Medical Malpractice Insurance for a doctor or dentist. Another type would be Errors & Omissions Insurance for a Realtor or Insurance Agent. You need to protect yourself even if all you’re’re trying to do is help.


Business ownership is tough enough without all the what ifs. No one can imagine all the what if’s but we’re here to help.