About MPC

My Protection Connection is our effort to address the needs our clients have with the trust we have built with them over years of being trusted advisors.

My Protection Connection’s Story

My Protection Connection is a collaboration between Mike Brasel & Rick Knapke. It began by an accident, someone else’s mistakes.

As often happens in the insurance business, a salesperson moved on to another career. This usually happens because they dislike the sales world or they treat someone the wrong way and the company steps in to say no more.

Enter Rick Knapke. He was the agent assigned to come in and fix another agent’s mistakes after he was asked to leave. This agent had mislead clients and put them in a bad position. Rick walked into a hornet’s nest. As luck would have it, Mike Brasel represented these clients through another line of service.

It seemed as if everywhere Mike went, there was Rick fixing issues another agent had caused and the two formed a friendship. What they found was that they not only shared customers, but they shared a belief. A belief that customers deserved to be treated with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect.

My Protection Connection’s Desire To Always Do The Right Thing

Mike & Rick vowed to always do what’s in the customer’s best interest even if it didn’t benefit them or their new company. At times that meant doing things that didn’t pay, but integrity is always more important than income. Decisions are easy when you always choose to do the right thing for people.

My Protection Connection’s Goal

The goal at My Protection Connection is to always do our best to protect what matters to you the most. We want to always be known as your trusted source. When it comes to Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance & Health Insurance, you’ll know we’ve done the best job possible protecting you and your family.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mike Brasel 937-673-5187 mike@myprotectconnect.com or Rick Knapke 937-609-2085 rick@myprotectconnect.com